This simple program demonstrate a basic usage of the ID3Tag library to read ID3 Tags embedded in MP3 files.

The program will ask you to select an MP3 file then it will scan this file for ID3 Tags and will show them to the screen, including embedded art if it was found. To quit just hit 'Cancel' on the file requester.

This example is included in the library package.

Here is a screenshot of what you get running this example program:

ID3 TagReader Example Program

/* MP3 Tag Reader
   Program to test the ID3Tag library
   This program asks for an MP3 file and dumps all
   the embedded informations including art, if present.
   To quit hit cancel on the file requester.

; Include the ID3 Library
@INCLUDE "ID3Tag.hws"

; Setup a display where to dump the ID3 tags
@DISPLAY { Width = 640, Height = 480, x = #LEFT, y = #TOP }
Local w, h = 640, 480

; Ask for an mp3 file
Local file = FileRequest("Select an MP3 file to scan...", "mp3")

; Setup the font and to shortcuts for the color settings
SetFont(#MONOSPACE, 16)
Local yel = "[color=#YELLOW]"
Local gre = "[color=#GREEN]"

; Main loop
While Exists(file)
  ; Clear the screen and restore cursor position
  Locate(0, 0)
  ; Check if an mp3 file has been selected
  If LowerStr(RightStr(file, 4)) = ".mp3"
    Local t1, t2, tag1, tag2 = MP3_ID3.Read_ID3(file)
    Local msg = ""
    ; If <t1> is True than ID3 v1 tags have been detected
    If t1
      NPrint(yel .. "::: TAGS ID3 v1 :::")
      ; Dump all the tags found
      For i, v In Pairs(tag1)
        NPrint(i .. " : " .. gre .. v)
    ; If <t2> is True than ID3 v2 tags have been detected
    If t2
      NPrint(yel .. "::: TAGS ID3 v2 :::")
      ; Dump all the tags found
      For i, v In Pairs(tag2)
        ; Check if this tag is an embedded picture, if so save
        ; its raw data and reload it as a brush, then display
        ; it to the screen.
        If i = "rawembeddedpicture"
          ; Save to a temporary file the raw image data
          Local fid = OpenFile(Nil, "tmpImage", #MODE_WRITE)
          WriteString(fid, v.ImageData)
          ; Load the image as a brush
          Local bid = LoadBrush(Nil, "tmpImage")
          ; Remove the temporary file
          ; Show the brush
          DisplayBrush(bid, #RIGHT, #TOP)

        ; Check if this tag is an UFID field and manage it
        ElseIf i = "uniquefileidentifier"
          NPrint("UFID Owner : " .. gre .. v.Owner)
          NPrint("UFID Code  : " .. gre .. v.Identifier)
        ; In any other case dump the tag contents
          NPrint(i .. " : " .. gre .. v)
    SystemRequest("WARNING!", "Please select an MP3 file!", "OK")
  ; Ask for another file to scan
  file = FileRequest("Select an MP3 file to scan...", "mp3")

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