HGui is a GUI ToolKit for Hollywood, it is the successor of ScuiLib and it has been under development for over 10 years! Wow!

With HGui you can build interfaces for your applications without the need of external library or system-dependant components: in few words it is fully compatible with all Hollywood's supported platforms (*).

HGui offers several gadget classes like boxes, buttons, switches, list views and more, the source code is open source and free along with some support libraries (written in Hollywood too) that will be distributed with the HGui package.

One of the main HGui feature is its high compatibility, application built with HGui will look the same on every target system but if you don't like this behaviour you can use skins to make your apps look more integrated to the target system.

HGui offers a full featured skinning system with multiple skin layers to build very cool and complex skins, furthermore, if you want, each gadget class can have its own skin and, if you need it, each created gadget can be customized on the fly!

HGui is fast and offers a caching system to speed up gadgets rendering, this consumes memory that's why you have the ability to switch it off if you are on systems low on memory.


At this time HGui can't be used with Android devices because of some Android/Hollywood limitations (for example you can't have multiple windows on Android), to resolve this problem I've planned some transparent (for the coder) changes that will make use of a feature that old ScuiLib users may remembers: FakeWindows! :-)

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