List of all supported ampersand codes

All ampersand codes that can be handled by this library are stored in the HL.HTML_Amper table, you can edit and add your own or modify the existing ones.

Ampersand UTF8 Hexadecimal
&amp 26
&lt 3c
&gt 3e
&nbsp c2a0
&iexcl c2a1
&cent c2a2
&pound c2a3
&curren c2a4
&yen c2a5
&brvbar c2a6
&pound c2a7
&uml c2a8
&copy c2a9
&ordf c2aa
&laquo c2ab
&not c2ac
&shy c2ad
&reg c2ae
&macr c2af
&deg c2b0
&plusmn c2b1
&sup2 c2b2
&sup3 c2b3
&acute c2b4
&micro c2b5
&para c2b6
&middot c2b7
&cedil c2b8
&sup1 c2b9
&ordm c2ba
&raquo c2bb
&frac14 c2bc
&frac12 c2bd
&frac34 c2be
&iquest c2bf
&Agrave c380
&Aacute c381
&Acirc c382
&Atilde c383
&Auml c384
&Aring c385
&AElig c386
&Ccedil c387
&EGrave c388
&Eacute c389
&Ecirc c38a
&Euml c38b
&Igrave c38c
&Iacute c38d
&Icirc c38e
&Iuml c38f
&ETH c390
&Ntilde c391
&Ograve c392
&Oacute c393
&Ocirc c394
&Otilde c395
&Ouml c396
&times c397
&Oslash c398
&Ugrave c399
&Uacute c39a
&Ucirc c39b
&Uuml c39c
&Yacute c39d
&THORN c39e
&szilg c39f
&agrave c3a0
&aacute c3a1
&acirc c3a2
&atilde c3a3
&auml c3a4
&aring c3a5
&aelig c3a6
&ccedil c3a7
&egrave c3a8
&eacute c3a9
&ecirc c3aa
&euml c3ab
&igrave c3ac
&iacute c3ad
&icirc c3ae
&iuml c3af
&eth c3b0
&ntilde c3b1
&ograve c3b2
&oacute c3b3
&ocirc c3b4
&otilde c3b5
&ouml c3b6
&divide c3b7
&oslash c3b8
&ugrave c3b9
&uacute c3ba
&ucirc c3bb
&uuml c3bc
&yacute c3bd
&thorn c3be
&yuml c3bf
&OElig c592
&oelig c393
&Scaron c5a0
&scaron c5a1
&Yuml c5b8
&fnof c692
&circ cb86
&tilde cb9c
&Alpha ce91
&Beta ce92
&Gamma ce93
&Delta ce94
&Zeta ce96
&Eta ce97
&Theta ce98
&Iota ce99
&Kappa ce9a
&Lambda ce9b
&Mu ce9c
&Nu ce9d
&Xi ce9e
&Pi cea0
&Rho cea1
&Sigma cea3
&Tau cea4
&Phi cea6
&Chi cea7
&Psi cea8
&Omega cea9
&alpha ceb1
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