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 +====== Adding New Easing Functions ======
 +Adding new easing functions is very simple, the first step you need is to define the easing function let's see how the **linear** function is defined to know how we can add a new function:
 +Local Function linear(t, b, c, d) Return(c * t / d + b) EndFunction
 +As you can see each function needs four arguments with the following meanings:
 +  * **t** : How much time has to pass for the tweening to complete
 +  * **b** : Property starting value
 +  * **c** : Property ending value - property starting value
 +  * **d** : How much time has passed until now
 +When you have defined your easing function you have to add a member to the table **tween.easing** with the name of your new function.
 +Suppose you have added a function named '​customfunc'​ you have to add it with:
 +<​code>​tween.easing.customfunc = customfunc</​code>​
 +That's all!
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