Debug Library

Author Fabio Falcucci
License Donationware
Version 1.6
Release 01-Jul-2017
Dependancies Debug Lib
— Helpers Lib
— Easing Lib
Helpers Lib
Note This library can be downloaded and used without limitations but if you find it useful please consider to make a donation or support me on Patreon.

The Debug library provides several functions to simplify the debug process and bug hunting.

Debug lib is a library developed to help debugging session, it can be used to generate debug output to the console or to a one or more files. Debug lib can manage one or more debug channel so that you are able to switch on or off channels and reduce the amount of output to analyze. If you have an ANSI capable terminal debug messages can be colored to help you identify errors and warning in no time. Debug lib have the ability to show nested messages, this is incredibly useful when you have recursive functions and external library calls: without a proper output formatting a standard debug session could become a pain. You can output tables too, and they are formatted and idented properly to let you look easily at the contents.


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