All recognized ANSI sequences are stored in the table Ansi.Code, this table is indexed with the sequence name, for each sequence a macro string has been defined to simplify the use of the escape codes, for example:

Ansi.Code.FgBlack Holds the escape sequence needed to set the foreground color to black, you can use this code in your strings like this:

 Local myBlackText = Ansi.Code.FgBlack .. "Black world!"

But you can also use a macro strings like this:

 Local myBlackText = "~{FBLK}Black world!"

Here is all styles and macros available with a brief description:

Ansi.Code Table Macro String Description
.Reset ~{RSET} Reset to default values
.BoldOn ~{BLD+} Bold style ON
.DimOn ~{DIM+} Dim style ON
.ItalicsOn ~{ITA+} Italics style ON
.UnderlineOn ~{UND+} Underline style ON
.BlinkOn ~{BLI+} Blink effect ON
.InverseOn ~{INV+} Inverse effect ON
.HiddenOn ~{HID+} Hidden effect ON
.StrikethroughOn ~{STR+} Striketrought effect ON
.BoldOff ~{BLD-} Bold style OFF
.DimOff ~{DIM-} Dim style OFF
.ItalicsOff ~{ITA-} Italics style OFF
.UnderlineOff ~{UND-} Underline style OFF
.BlinkOff ~{BLI-} Blink effect OFF
.InverseOff ~{INV-} Inverse effect OFF
.HiddenOff ~{HID-} Hidden effect OFF
.StrikethroughOff ~{STR-} Striketrought effect OFF
.FgBlack ~{FBLK} Sets foreground color to black
.FgRed ~{FRED} Sets foreground color to red
.FgGreen ~{FGRN} Sets foreground color to green
.FgYellow ~{FYEL} Sets foreground color to yellow
.FgBlue ~{FBLU} Sets foreground color to blue
.FgMagenta ~{FMAG} Sets foreground color to magenta
.FgCyan ~{FCYA} Sets foreground color to cyan
.FgWhite ~{FWHI} Sets foreground color to white
.FgDefault ~{FDEF} Sets foreground color to the default color
.BgBlack ~{BBLK} Sets background color to black
.BgRed ~{BRED} Sets background color to red
.BgGreen ~{BGRN} Sets background color to green
.BgYellow ~{BYEL} Sets background color to yellow
.BgBlue ~{BBLU} Sets background color to blue
.BgMagenta ~{BMAG} Sets background color to magenta
.BgCyan ~{BCYA} Sets background color to cyan
.BgWhite ~{BWHI} Sets background color to white
.BgDefault ~{BDEF} Sets background color to the default color
.MoveCursor Used by Ansi.GetCursorMove()
.MoveCursorUp Used by Ansi.GetCursorUp()
.MoveCursorUp1 ~{M1UP} Move cursor up by 1 row
.MoveCursorDown Used by Ansi.GetCursorDown()
.MoveCursorDown1 ~{M1DO} Move cursor down by 1 row
.MoveCursorRight Used by Ansi.GetCursorRight()
.MoveCursorRight1 ~{M1RI} Move cursor right by 1 column
.MoveCursorLeft Used by Ansi.GetCursorLeft()
.MoveCursorLeft1 ~{M1LE} Move cursor left by 1 column
.SaveCursor ~{SAVE} Save the current cursor position
.RestoreCursor ~{REST} Restore a saved cursor position
.Home ~{HOME} Move the cursor to the home position
.ShowCursor ~{SHWC} Show cursor
.HideCursor ~{HIDC} Hide cursor
.ClearBelow ~{CLRB} Clear all contents below the cursor
.ClearAbove ~{CLRA} Clear all contents above the cursor
.ClearHome ~{CLRH} Clear all and put the cursor on the home position
.ClearLineRight ~{CLRR} Clear all line contents to the right of the cursor
.ClearLineLeft ~{CLRL} Clear all line contents to the left of the cursor
.ClearLine ~{CLIN} Clear the line at the cursor position
.ClearCharacters Used by Ansi.GetClearCharacters()
.Clear1Character ~{C1CH} Clear 1 character
.InsertBlankLines Used by Ansi.GetInsertBlankLines()
.Insert1BlankLine ~{I1BL} Insert 1 blank line
.InsertCharacters Used by Ansi.GetInsertCharacters()
.Insert1Character ~{I1CH} Insert 1 character
.DeleteLines Used by Ansi.GetDeleteLines()
.Delete1Line ~{D1LI} Delete 1 line
.DeleteCharacters Used by Ansi.GetDeleteCharacters()
.Delete1Character ~{D1CH} Delete 1 character
~{NORM} Setup the NORMAL style
~{NOTI} Setup the NOTICE style
~{WARN} Setup the WARNING style
~{ERRO} Setup the ERROR style
~{ADVI} Setup the ADVICE style
~{QUOT} Setup the QUOTE style
~{PROM} Setup the PROMPT style

For more informations about the special codes have a look at the customization section.

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