ANSI Library

Author Fabio Falcucci
License Donationware
Version 1.0
Release 11-Oct-2015
Dependancies - none -
Note This library can be downloaded and used without limitations but if you find it useful please consider to make a donation or support me on Patreon.

Ansi library is an include file for Hollywood that will help you to manage ANSI escape codes so you can print colored text in the console of your host system.

I’ve developed this library to have an invaluable help while I’m debugging applications because this way I’m able to spot on the fly errors and/or warning messages that are hilighted from the rest of the messages.

Of course you need that your host system console is able to understand ANSI ascape codes, but almost any OS is able to do that… except Windows! For the Windows OS you need to install any thirdy party application to accomplish the task, on my development machine, running Windows 10, I’m using ansicon program to make use of ANSI codes.


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